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Compassion in Music: Playing for “The Least of These”

From Saint Francis to Oscar Romero, the message…

of beginning the healing of our world with the healing of the poor, the disenfranchised and the downtrodden is one that continues to penetrate into the roots of society today.

Medicine like that is good for us all. Even so, positive social change goes down even better when it’s sweet like the music of Kelly Hall-Tompkins.  The virtuoso violinist, nonprofit director, and volunteer taps into the deep core of human inspiration and skill to bring out world class music, music she makes available to everyone, even the least of these.  

Whether on stage at Carnegie Hall, performing with the New York Philharmonic  or performing  homeless shelters Kelly, and her cohort of professional musicians give so much with their dedication to one of humanities highest arts.


Music Kitchen – Food for the Soul Inc. puts “the least of these” first

What started as an impromptu concert for shelter residents soon turned into an institution.  To date, well over 100 professional musicians ranging from Jazz to chamber musicians have performed for homeless men and women.

I began the program with my church, Holy Trinity Lutheran’s Men’s shelter program and expanded right away to include the Olivieri Center for Women and recently the historic Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen. In addition to over 65 top NYC emerging artists, Music Kitchen has presented Albrecht Mayer, principal oboist of the Berlin Philharmonic, and world renowned pianist Emanuel Ax!

Kelly Hall-Tompkins

Just a few notable participants in the program include:

violinist Glenn Dicterow
violinist Glenn Dicterow, a Music Kitchen for the Soul contributor


  • Glenn Dicterow
  • Daniel Khailikov
  • Ragga Petursdottir
Daniel Khalikov
Brett Deubner viola
Brett Deubner viola


  • Brett Deubner
  • Orlando Wells


  • Albrecht Mayer
Albrecht Mayer with Oboe

Variety in giving is an open field

With millions of nonprofits in the world and a good number of social innovation and social good for-profits in the mix, the variety represented amongst us all and in how we give is vast.  

Among music related nonprofits, I think Music Kitchen is a standout, but here are a few more that I encourage you to look into further:

  1.  Fulcrumpoint New Music Project
  2. Music for Youth, Inc.
  3. Music Without Borders

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