About Done-For-You Services For Do-Gooders & Social Innovators

Why Done for You Services?

When I began imagining the idea of a do gooderbusiness a couple of years back, I knew very little about what it would take.  All I really understood and desired was to harness the power of the internet to reach far beyond my location and to scale the impact I could have.  

I live in Japan.  It’s an industrious, extremely well-organized country.  It’s virtues are many.  It may sound obvious, but culturally, it is very different from western countries.  While Japan enjoys socialist mechanisms (much to learn from) that provide very well for citizens, it is not the most hospitable place for independent workers and very small businesses. 

So to keep things simple, or so I thought, I wanted to find a way to make some money and help people back in the US WITHOUT actually being there. 

I embarked on a voyage of learning, making revenue-generating experiments in e-commerce and as a service provider.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, not by a long shot.  I broke websites at first, made slow progress on social media and got burned by a handful of gurus selling pipe dreams.  

The benefit of trials and tribulations is in the experience gained.  I HAVE an online business that makes real money, that serves a higher purpose, and you can too.

It takes a little bit of crazy to go out on your own and try something against the odds. 

That’s why I believe it’s critical to get help with some of the work.  INSTEAD OF DOING EVERYTHING YOURSELF, you can focus on your most important tasks and dramatically increase your chances of success.

As a marketer, and more importantly, as a person who sees an opportunity  to do good via business structures, I think we need each other to succeed.  By working together, forming networks, and building communities, we can accomplish more.

You do your part, and I’ll do mine.  .

Let me work for you & help you make your do-gooder organization stronger. ~ Andy

About Done-For-You Services For Do-Gooders & Social Innovators
I'm Andy and this is my impression of Max Headroom

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