Email Marketing

email marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool for your marketing and/or sales pipeline. Here's some reasons why.

customer engagement cycle

At all stages of the customer journey, you have a responsibility to serve.  Email marketing is perfect for all stages of this journey, from getting them in the door, to maintaining and deepening relationships all along the way.

Email for End Users

If you’ve learned anything from the countless Mailchimp ads you’ve seen, it’s probably that email for e-commerce is a big thing.

Knowing and doing are different. If you don’t have time to get to it yourself, let us take that off your plate. We understand brands. We will outsource your email marketing voice.

Multichannel for Direct Outreach

Whether you are fundraising or cold emailing potential customers for more complex sales, email is one of the most reliable ways to get your foot in the door.  It isn’t the only way though, that’s why we believe in multi-channel outreach.

Why Support4Good?

Andy Cline has more than 10 years in branding and marketing across several market sectors, including:

  • Retail-Fashion
  • E-commerce
  • Residential PV
  • Travel and Accommodation

Support4Good wants to help further the good: To support businesses and nonprofits  that seek to build positive effects into the flywheel of the organization’s growth strategy.


"Andy Cline at Support4Good recently designed and launched Vision Energy Solution's website on a tight budget and still managed to over-deliver. the site is fast, the navigation is intuitive and makes a great impression overall."
"Andy Cline and Solar Boom Agency did an amazing job for Accelerate Solar! We saw a massive uptick in incoming leads that were well qualified."
Chris Verner
COO - Accelerate Solar
"He was the website designer and I provided the content for the joint client. He was an excellent communicator and easy to work with. He applied his CSS skills to customize the website on WordPress and went out of his way to optimize SEO and page speed. The site was launched on schedule and on budget."
Maitri Meyer
Writer, Speaker, Recruiter
"Building a successful marketing and lead generation strategy is like finding your way through an ever-shifting maze. Fortunately, Andy's lead generation solutions chart a path through the confusion. He has his finger on the pulse of effective marketing strategies that are getting results today."
Nick Jones
Partner - Comprehensive Benefits Advisor