The free resources section at Support4Good is made up of sections and subsections, drilling down to feature all the digital tools and resources I’ve come across that are worth knowing about.  From here you will find the top-tier categories.  Click through to explore.  Click again to read reviews of the actual tools.  And enjoy!

100 Best Design Tools Free Design Library Best Design Tools

12 Excellent Sources for Free Design Elements

Wouldn’t it be nice if real designers, you know, the ones with design degrees, would just give you their work for free? Find them here.

12 eBook Publishing Resources to Accelerate Your Progress

Want to write a book? Already have a book to publish? You don’t have to rely on big publishers anymore. See tools to launch your book online

A Curated List of GIF Makers and Sources & How to Make One - 100 Best Design Tools Gifs Best Design Tools

A Curated List of GIF Makers and Sources & How to Make One

Gifs are easy enough to make, but the wealth of content out there makes it seem silly to bother. Find a wealth of resources here!

100 Best Design Tools Best Design Tools Color Theory

9 Best Free Color Pickers Online in 2018

Color is a tricky thing. I mean, look at this website. I’m obviously not using the tools provided here. Don’t make that mistake with your own website : )

100 Best Design Tools Best Design Tools Photo

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing

Do you think Photoshop is a waste of money? Luckily, you don’t need it anymore. Find free photos, image editors & image compression tools

free music sites

20 Royalty Free Music Libraries for Bootstrapping Do-Gooders

Free music from a number of different sources, and some paid options. This music is free to use or licensable at affordable prices. Great for video.

100 Best Design Tools wireframing prototyping Best Design Tools

12 Top Wireframing Tools for Prototyping Available Online

Build your own tools or design websites in a more professional way, with wireframing tools. Create quick mockups with functional navigation. Why scour the internet, they’re here!

100 Best Design Tools infographic builder Best Design Tools

Pictochart Isn’t The Only Infographics Maker Out There…​

It’s true that infographics may no longer be on the hype train anymore, but they are still powerful for SEO social media, and educating your audience.

spartus video camera

11 Free Stock Video Sites to Build Your Next Masterpiece With​

WVideo and animation editing, tools for cameras, apps and basically a complete toolbox for making online quality video for marketing, youtube, vimeo, etc.

I hope you find this toolset of design resources useful.  If you do, go ahead and bookmark these pages as your own personal design resource dashboard.  Be sure to explore all the 115 best design tools here, there are some real gems.   If you happen to find something missing of think something is amiss, please get in touch.  Your feedback will only make this library better.

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