Marketing is an essential part of any organization’s strategy to reach and serve the people your business or nonprofit is built for.   For some marketing strategies are a necessary, but evil art.  Your organization’s truth about marketing is defined by you.  I think of it as a way to have a conversation with A LOT of people.

2018 Dogooders Guide to Choosing Effective Email Automation

Dogooders Guide to Choosing Effective Email Automation Software

Wouldn’t it be nice if real designers, you know, the ones with design degrees, would just give you their work for free? Find them here.

best cold email for halloween

2018 Dogooders Guide To The Best Cold Email Tools

If you are in the stage of building an email list of people you want to help then regular email automation software may not help. You need to find prospects. A bulk cold email will do the trick.

I hope you find this toolset of marketing strategies, tips and tools useful.  If you do, go ahead and bookmark these pages as your own personal design resource dashboard.  Be sure to explore each of the topics included here in full, there are some real gems.   If you happen to find something missing of think something is amiss, please get in touch.  Your feedback will only make this library better.

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