18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing​ - GIMP

20 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing

Making the best impression with quality photos is key to your online business success.  Sites like ShutterStock and DepositPhotos have great images, but you have to buy every image, and with so many small expenses, it seems absurd for small businesses to pay for photos too.  That’s where this DIY guide comes in.  Free photo editors, free stock photos and more…

For Free Photos, Editing Software and Copyright Free Images, Start Here

Photo Compression Tools

A note about compression:  All free photos & free images websites included here offer high-resolution photos totally free of charge.  It’s really amazing what you can find free online today.  If you plan on using these images for publishing online, you will do best by compressing them first in order to keep your website loading fast.  These are the tools I use to compress my images .

Compression can work wonders even after you resize your photos manually.  And by the way, you should resize your images.

New Addition! Meet ShortPixel- The Best Compressor in Town

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Why am I giving this app a shout??

  • 100 Images Free Per Month
  • No File Size Limits
  • WordPress Plugin Automates Compression
  • Bulk compression of .jpg .png .gif AND .pdf
  • One API for multiple websites- use it everywhere!
Go ahead, give ShortPixel a try!
18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - Compressor.io


Compressor.io is my go-to photo compressor. It's fast and easy to drop in a .jpeg, .png, .gif or .svg file of any size and joyfully watch as the file size decreases. With the compressor, you can shrink your image files without losing any resolution. I would say this one is a must-have in your design library.


Whether to choose between Compressor.io or TinyPNG comes down to whether you like iguanas or cute bears, and file types. If you're want to optimize images as close to perfection as possible, you may want to send images through both tools. TinypPNG supports .jpeg and .png files.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing​ - WP Smush

WP Smush

Anyone using WordPress has an additional option to further compress images inside your WP dashboard. Enter WP Smush. Use the plugin as an additional layer of compression. Activate the plugin, compress all image files and turn it back off when you're done.

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Free Photos & Copyright Free Images

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - Creative Commons Image Search

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons is a group of free distribution licenses for otherwise copyrighted works. Creative Commons search sets advanced filters & applies them to search engines like Google Images and Wikimedia Commons, giving you safe-to-use images from the internet universe.


Boasting over 1000 images, the website went through some changes in the past year or so. Originally, FreeforCommercialUse hosted images, but it was also a directory of a network of free stock images across the web. The directory is gone now, but what remains is a robust collection in 10 distinct categories.


With so many options, everyone finds a couple of favorite sources for free photos. Pixabay is one of the best. Why? More than 1.4 million royalty photos is one reason. When you sign up, go ahead and contribute some of your best photos to the collection!


Shopify's gift to the collective copyright free images database is at their site, Burst. They take a different design approach to the layout an organization of categories and enjoy the benefit of their size to access and make available to all of us some excellent stock photography.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - Gratisography


Categories include: Animals, Nature, Objects, People, Urban, Whimsical & Bundles (picture packs). If you don't find what you're looking for, they've offered a Shutterstock deal. Find the coupon at the bottom of the page.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - Little Visuals


The LittleVisuals resource also serves as a memorial to the photographer, who, as the story goes, passed away but wanted to make his photographs available for all of us, ensuring the images would live on into the future.


The photography of Peter Heeling. One of the disadvantages of using free stock photos for website use is the issue of duplicate content. Though not a major problem for SEO, it is good idea to source images from different places to diversify your unique curation.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - StockSnap


Looking for a more commercial, traditional stock photo aesthetic? StockSnap is an excellent source for confident smiling faces and clean, organized photographs, composed with specific commercial uses in mind.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - Pexels


Pexels offers videos in addition to some of the best free stock photos out there. Check out the Popular Searches page to quickly access the category of photography you're looking for.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing - ScatterJar


ScatterJar is a food focused photography site. Attention all food bloggers: Welcome Home : )

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing​ - Unsplash


I don't know why Unsplash is so far down on this list. Maybe it's a a golden nugget that I wanted to bury deep in the post so that only people who really search will find it. Beautiful photography. Not the typical stock photo. There is a bit of art in some of these collections.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing​ - OpenClipArt


Ok, there are no photographs at OpenClipArt.org but there are 143212 (at the time of writing) of clipart images available in .png, .pdf and occasionally other formats.

Photo Editing Tools

In years past, Adobe Photoshop was the default option for photo editing.  Today the competitors have gotten better and/or more focused, leaving you with cheaper and faster options to process images, add text and design your creative content quickly.  Here are a handful of editing tools specifically for photo editing.

18 Best Websites for Finding Free Photos Plus Photo Editing​ - GIMP


I used Adobe Creative Suite for years, but in 2018, photo editing for many businesses is a relatively low-value tech investment, so this year I switched to the free and open source, GIMP. And it's great. An excellent full-featured option.

Affinity Photo

The #1 Alternative to Adobe Photoshop. As I fished around for another photo editing tool with similar capabililties I thought to myself that maybe patents and monopoly were to blame for so few tools on the market. Thankfully, I found Affinity Photo and for my purposes, it is the perfect photo editing tool!


PhotoUpz has an interesting value proposition: to enable amateur photo editors to easily achieve advanced photo editing results. In this case it means removing elements from a photo while preserving the background. If you don't have time to learn to do this inside GIMP or Photoshop, you can do it here.


If all you need to do is remove a background, and you are not a designer. In other words, if you don't have a creative bone in your body, Clipping Magic could be the perfect solution for removing backgrounds for product photos and using transparent images in layers.

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