Product Features of our Positive Impact Network

Product Features

Dashboards with the Data You Need

Once Your Member Dashboard is Set Up,

using the dashboard is easy.  Find  the vital information you need to understand how your account is performing, trends over time, and more.

  • Track Conversions
  • Track Commissions
  • Commissions Owed
  • See Next Payout Date
  • Total Traffic
  • View Traffic by Cause

Reporting Tool​

Nonprofits and Merchant dashboards track and report on different information. In each account, members are able to print out transaction reports to help you stay on top of your bookkeeping.

  • NPO dashboard earnings reports.
  • Merchant payment reports are your receipts for commsission payments to NPO affiliates who have driven paying customers to you.
  • More on the Roadmap, like itemized CSR reports


Offer Your Supporters A Fresh Experience


Start Making Sales That Earn You Trust

Tracking Links

Hey NPOs! You will receive a unique tracking upon creation of your account.  Whenever and wherever you use this link, when someone clicks through to our marketplace and makes a purchase, you will earn 5 to 10% on the sale.  

It’s that easy.

Cart Integrations

Hey Merchants! Let’s set up your account so we can track those sales.

Starting with the largest shopping cart systems and working our way to whatever your using, shopping cart integrations with code that recognizes NPOs unique link ensures all referral customers you receive are tracked and counted for.

Share Your Stories With The Community

As a member, you can post and share your successes, struggles, events and milestones in a social feed.

Merchants and NPOs alike can read posts from the community, and it gives S4G a chance to share your stories on our website as well.

Why is This Important?

  • When you share, so do we. It’s a struggle to capture the attention of a broader audience, so Support4Good is another amplifier for your brand or cause
  • Getting to know the community and feeling connected is so important. In this kind of purpose driven community, even more so.

Baked In Resources in A Useful Document Library

To increase the values we provide and increase your convenience, we are building a library  of relevant documents, particularly for NPOs

We are slowly adding onto this feature to not only include reference material on unrelated business expenses and taxable income for nonprofits, but we will also be adding other useful resources as we go forward.


Offer Your Supporters A Fresh Experience


Start Making Sales That Earn You Trust

Merchants are charged monthly for commissions owed on successful sales.

NPOs: Get Paid via Bank Transfer or Paypal