7 Essential Local SEO Tips for Solar Installers

Local SEO Infographic for Solar Installers - Taking a Stroll down Local SEO lane
At the micro level, local SEO can get pretty complicated.  If you are a solar installation businesses, you should know that the best results and biggest gains in search traffic come by making sure you have achieved the basics.  



With search engine optimization, 90% of the reward is possible simply by picking up all the low hanging fruit.  Implement these basic guidelines and in time, your business stands to gain significantly for its efforts.  You don’t have to be a master of Google search algorithms to start taking action on these tips right away.

Wait!  What is SEO?

Let’s break it down. I find it helpful to think of SEO in three parts. The first of these involves the process of building your website and web content in such a way that removes structural and technical problems like page speed, http requests and image optimization. Mobile first design would also fall into this category.
CSS Code image serving as a mock up on technical SEO, even though it's not

Image of CSS is actually more basic than some aspects of technical SEO.

The other two parts of SEO, whether local or global are on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO can be technical, but many on-page optimizations can become part of your team’s standard workflow, things like H tags and meta titles to name a few.
The rest of the SEO game will be the most challenging aspect of it:  off-page SEO, which is basically your site’s relationships with the rest of the world. The primary way these relationships are expressed is in the form of backlinks that connect your site with other sites.
Think of it as a vote of confidence and an alliance that you have made with people and businesses. Google loves these links because it helps them determine your status and validity in the Google universe. The age of your domain is also a factor that affects how much Google trusts you but quality backlinks can shorten the amount of time it takes to rank and gain Google’s trust.
All that being said, a successful SEO program seeks the result of your site showing up on page 1 in the SERPs, the search engine results pages. Get local keyword ranking right, and your business is one step closer to increasing leads and landing a new client.

Here’s a tip: Solar companies tend to cluster, so a good SEO strategy to work around this could be to target smaller towns nearby a large cluster of solar companies. For example, if you are a solar installer in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you serve Cary, NC, you could try to rank in the search engine results for Cary.

It is truly amazing how many of your competitors are dropping the ball when it comes to SEO.  When you get it right, a snowball of positive results can be yours.
Most importantly though, your customers and the curious browser alike will have a better overall experience, your branding will be more consistent, and wherever a potential customer looks for you, they will be able to find you.  Google search criteria encourage businesses to succeed and by doing what Google wants you to do, you will set yourself up for success.

The Internet is the Real World

So you’ve heard that there’s a way to rank on page 1 of Google, but it’s a complete mystery to you.  You hired a company to build your website, but the developers didn’t provide the secret sauce to help your site rank.  For many people, because it’s on the internet, it seems really complex, but the fact is there are very natural, face to face ways to help your site rank better.

What Can You Do Locally to Help Your Website Performance?

7 Essential Local SEO Tips for Solar Installers
  • Make connections in your community.  
Think of your allies.  Do you have business partners in your community?  If so, you have a great opportunity to help each other out by linking to each other.  This will help both you and your trusted partners to build a web of influence in your local area.
  • Build new relationships and leverage improvements for your website from those points of contacts.  
If you have recently completed a solar installation, be sure to follow up with your client and if possible, get a review or testimonial.  Google bases it’s ranking of your site in part on the popularity contest model and will rank you higher when you prove that you have public support.
  • Be active in your community.  
Every time you show up to an event, or volunteer to take on a new role in your community, you create opportunities for PR and for valuable link building. Don’t be shy about building your links.
By building your personal and business brand in the community you serve, you can cultivate a story, and stories are what journalists thrive on. And here’s another idea. Write a rough draft of a story you want to tell about your business and give it to your local reporter.
Many journalists would be happy to collaborate on a story, especially if you can save them some time! One thing leads to another…
N.A.P. is one of the simplest and most critical details to get right if you want to increase your website’s visibility.
Local SEO Infographic for Solar Installers - Taking a Stroll down Local SEO lane

Understanding the Importance of N.A.P.

if you want to vastly improve your search results for the long term, standardizing your unique name, address and phone number can work wonders.  The secret key to successful NAP is to format it EXACTLY the same everywhere online.  That includes citation sites like YellowPages, Yelp and CitySearch,  and really anywhere where you have the opportunity to enter your business information in a public directory.  If your address changes, it is critical to update your NAP everywhere it can be found or you could be penalized in search.

It’s an excellent idea to register your business at as many places as possible including local business associations, certification bodies and all relevant organizations you can connect to in your field.  Become a SEIA member and enter your unique NAP there.  Go local with your connections too.

And don’t forget the giant called Social Media.  Facebook is one of the top five ranking sites in the world, so you definitely want to have your credentials in order there.  Not only will healthy social media activity boost your brand, but it will increase your website’s authority and send you more visitors.

 See this?  This is a meta description.

     DaSolar ranks #1 in search results for “Solar installers in Cleveland”.  They are very happy with the traffic their site receives.

7 Essential Local SEO Tips for Solar Installers, dasolar

On Meta Descriptions

If you don’t write a unique description yourself when you create a new page or post on your website, then Google will pull some data from your site and generate a meta description for you.

Local SEO Infographic for Solar Installers - Taking a Stroll down Local SEO lane

If you don’t want to take any chances (and I suggest you don’t), take a minute or two and think about what your site visitors will expect to find on that page.  Then write a description of what that information or experience will be.

As a rule of thumb, your meta description should be around 155 characters and no more than 160 characters.

Local SEO Infographic for Solar Installers - Taking a Stroll down Local SEO lane

Google My Business can give you a massive leg up on the competition

You’ve seen it yourself in search:  A beautiful, consolidated box that appears in a local search for your favorite restaurant.  It has a map, it has hours of operation, it has appealing images to give it color.  It is Google My Business (or GMB, for short).

If you have spent money on Google ads and you do not have an up to date GMB, then you are essentially abandoning your online business.  Make sure to take advantage of this awesome opportunity for local businesses.  Find out more about Google My Business.

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