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Who Can Benefit From What We Do?

  • Solar Installers that are doing well and want to do better.  Let us be your eyes, see your blind spots and help you grow.

  • Young businesses that have a good knowledge of how important the online part of their business is, but want to focus their energy on real customers in the real world.

  • Older companies that need a facelift.  We will help you adapt to a changing market and thrive in it.

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Support4Good Solar was formed to help Solar grow.

So you want to learn more about online solar marketing…

I decided to create an agency to help solar installers get more leads and sales because I want to make a dream come true.  And if you’re on this page, chances are it’s a dream you most likely share with me:  to see the country max out it’s residential and commercial solar capacity.

PV Solar (and commercial wind) are the new MVPs of the energy sector and like you, I want to see the industry grow at lightning speed.  The federal income tax credit will soon start to degrade and while your website and social media might be looking good on the surface, the fact is that they could be doing much better.

The SolarBoom agency mission is to transform your website and social platforms into selling machines that bring you new customers and open new markets.  You can’t expand your business and have the greatest impact with word of mouth alone.  You need to put your websites and social media to work.

We help you do this by ramping up your local SEO, and transforming your web properties into sales funnels that easily and pleasantly lead your site visitors on a journey of discovery.  The final destination of this journey is the sale, a solar assessment or another action that will allow you to close the sale.

I’m Andy Cline and I formed this agency to help thriving solar installers do even better to do better and to help others revitalize the online aspects of their business by providing the reconstructive surgery needed for your company to not only survive, but to win and grow your business.

You might be wondering how I got here.  My story includes a decade of involvement in green building and permaculture, and another decade in art, media, marketing and branding for the entertainment and fashion industries.  After years of creative work for corporate interests, and the heartbreak of witnessing firsthand the wastefulness of many business models, I knew that I needed to do something powerful to offset the waste and destruction of the mainstream business.  Solar is booming.  Let’s grow it together.

Andy Cline

Support4Good Solar

Who are you and what is your brand experience?  Do people understand your company’s story when they visit your website?

How about on social media?  Are your visitors having a seamless experience, getting to know you as they interact more?

Are they on your journey?

Have you ran a Google search lately for solar installers in your area?  Did you show up in search results?

If so, were you on page 1?  SEO (search engine optimization) is a tough battle these days, but local SEO is a battle you can and should win.

Let’s work on that.  Check out this report on the opportunity of local SEO and think of the jobs you are losing by not being seen.


You can lead a horse to water…  and when you build the right funnel, 20% of your leads will like to have a drink.

Make no mistake, your site visitors are interested in solar.  But they might be afraid to take the leap.

Businesses that build a simple and relationship building path for their customers can be dramatically transformed for the better.

Find out more about how businesses are building strong relationships with their potential customers in 2017.  Get the guide.


You’ve heard about it.  And you think you can do without it.  The truth is that there’s a reason there is so much talk around social media marketing and that’s because it gets results.

It has never been so easy to target your potential customers right around you and offer them something irresistible.

The right offer and the right information can open up a whole new world of new residential (or commercial) solar panel owners.  The market is expanding.

If you don’t land customers, your competitors will.