Biden and Harris Win! A Bright Day for Justice and Peace

After four years of utter dismay, of believing that a world of human decency was all but lost, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won. We all did it together!

Disclaimer: Am I a card-carrying Democrat? No. Does it matter? No. In times like these we did the right thing: We saved the ship before it sank. Social and environmental justice are better positioned than ever.

Biden Harris Win

Today is a day of celebration, an end of a painful time in America

People all around the world are breathing a sigh of relief today as we get our heads around the reality that President Trump will soon vacate the White House.  Kamala Harris leads the way for all people to see a path to leadership, and Biden is her ally in that. With Biden and Harris, we know that we have representation that understands a broader range of America, that can identify with the struggles of women and minorities and people of mixed ethnicity.  We know that their efforts will re-balance the scales of justice for many people who have experienced existential threat throughout these last four years.  

Biden will have a healthcare reform plan (whether he can implement it remains to be seen) and I desperately hope that this duo will take swift action to free the Dreamers from their internment camps.  

They are still mainstream Democrats, so it won’t all be so rosy.  But at least we know that they can share a vision of an inclusive, diverse America.  We can rest assured that Nazis and Klansmen do not have a voice in the White House.

It seems like one of those dreams within a dream…

A few days ago, it seemed like nothing would stand in the way of the Nightmare in Chief’s willingness to break every constitutional norm in order to illegitimately occupy the White House, but today we hear, like a miracle, all major news outlets including Fox acknowledging that Joe Biden has indeed won the election and will be the 46th President of the United States.

Still, looming around every shadowy corner is a voice supporting Trump’s lies, his manipulations, almost gaining perverse power from his endless cringe.  The part of the Country that believes in equality and the wild idea that the government should look after the common good for all Americans is overjoyed with the election result, but also continues to feel uneasy about the violent tendencies of Trump’s goon squad, and what outrageous thing Trump will do next.

Biden and Harris win, but relief is fleeting until Inauguration

Now, there is still a lot of time for Trump to sit in the White House and scheme about how to undermine democracy.

We Made It. Biden and Harris are now in the White House!

With any luck, the Republican Party will remain members of a Constitutional America and help their President come to accept the democratic election process.  

And if that doesn’t work, they can always boil the frog, leaving his side one by one, quietly, until he stands alone, without support.  It might be the only method for getting him to respect the law.

But let’s keep it positive and trust that we do live in a world where we can agree that elections determine presidents, and go ahead and enjoy this win.