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New ventures are hard.  It may be more fulfilling, but a triple bottom line doesn’t make it any easier. Get help.  

Inbound Marketing and SEO

• Strategic keyword selection to SEO optimized blog posts
• Bi-weekly reporting and competitor analysis
• SEO audits and routine optimizations

Amazing Inbound Marketing Facts

• "companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t."
• 8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers
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Email Sequence Services

• List Segmentation
• Automation sequences
• Promotional campaigns
• Thoughtfully designed email increases lifetime value and customer satisfaction

Email Facts

• Over 200 Billion Emails Are Sent Every Day
• People Are Most Responsive To Emails on Tuesdays, Next Up? Thursdays
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Facebook Advertising

• Landing page management, video ad creation, ad management
• Targeted lead gen based on existing leads
• 3 month minimum contract

Facebook Facts

• Social media drives transactions: 2 Billion users
• Facebook beats all other platforms for ad satisfaction
• 69% of US adults use Facebook.
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Inbound Marketing Service & SEO

• Write & promote 2 blog posts per month
• Run weekly analysis on performance
• Onpage SEO every page on your website

Amazing Inbound Marketing Facts

• "companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t."
• 8 out of 10 people identify themselves as blog readers
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Social Media Management

• Affordable! No advertising costs required
• Social content & cross platform promotion
• Reporting & Analytics

Social Media Quick Facts

• Facebook? ~2.1 billion users
• LinkedIn? ~500 million users
• "People aged 55-64: more than 2x as likely to engage with branded content" source
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B2B Linkedin Prospecting

• strategic connection requests and follow up messages
• Up to 100 Linkedin connection requests per day
• 2 month minimum contract

Powerful LinkedIn Facts

• There are more than 500 million users on LinkedIn
• 1/2 of those users are active
• 1/2 of the world's millionaires use Linkedin
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Do-gooders deserve special treatment, right? That’s 20% Off For Verified Do-Gooders : )

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Conscious Businesses. Great Nonprofits. For Fun and Profit

Engage your donors and increase donations throughout the year. Drive sales from warm leads without paying for advertising.
ATTN DEVELOPERS: Do you want to join me to build a scalable platform that can help hundreds or even thousands of businesses and nonprofits? If so, get in touch at s4do.gooders @ gmail dot com

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If you’re a nonprofit, you probably have a sizeable list of current and past donors.  You know you have a chance to get donations around the holidays, but as for the rest of the year?  You can’t be so sure.  

Support4Good gives you additional value to offer your donor base through shopping experiences that you curate.  When they make a purchase at a business, you get a commission… And commissions are ongoing.

As business owners who depend in part on the internet for your business, you know the costs involved.  Paying marketers for social media and advertising is necessary, but it’s risky too. 

Support4Good can send you traffic that isn’t just shopping your site because they’re interested in your product.  That’s true, but they’re also shopping for a higher purpose… to support the nonprofits they care about most.  Talk about lowering ad costs!

The system works as an affiliate tracking system.  Nonprofits have unique affiliate codes and member businesses have shopping cart integrations installed on their sites. Both nonprofits and merchants will have admin dashboards where all traffic and transactions are tracked and managed.  

These integrations and tracking codes record all transactions and are fed to your dashboard where nonprofits and/or businesses can find all the relevant data and resources needed to succeed.

  • Nonprofit Basic is FREE!
  • Nonprofit premium (14.95) are for larger lists who send significant traffic.
  • Business members BETA testers can use the platform for free! 
  • Silver and Gold plans ($49 and $98 per month) are adjusted based on monthly earnings.

Mockups are Complete. Development is Underway.
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