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It's a 3 step process: 1) Click through this button and choose a nonprofit to support. 2) Click their button and choose a store to shop at. 3) Visit a member site and make a purchase. Boom.

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Are you a human rights or sustainability nonprofit? Or maybe you're a for-profit company with exemplary circular economy metrics, zero carbon cycle, or similar? Let's talk. The platform is free for you.

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Like the great salmon, S4G swims upstream with other groups looking to make a positive impact. Working together, we can achieve great things.

Send Humanitarian Aid to Innocent Civilians in Gaza

When a new emergency arises worldwide, we reserve a place on the homepage to draw attention to the issue. Since the original attack by Hamas on civilians in Israel, Netanyahu has set the most hateful tendencies of genocide in motion, using the full force of the IDF.

The resulting war is disproportionate both to the attack by Hamas, and Israel unjustly portrays the war out of its historic context, one that has seen the Palestinian people live without a nation, and without rights.

Further, Israel has committed countless war crimes, destroying hospitals, places of worship of all creeds, bombing refugee camps and willfully killing thousands of children. Israel routinely blocks shipments of aid for frivolous reasons and seemingly out of cruelty. People are starving to death. 

In this dire situation, the most globally recognized authorities are the only ones who may be able to help. That's why the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is our recommendation for where to donate. 

Donate directly to UNRWA by clicking this link.

If you would like to contribute to the victims of a potentially genocidal war in Palestine, you can lend a helping hand to the victims by making a donation. Thank you for your support.


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