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About Support4Good

Why Support4Good

Hi, I’m Andy Cline, Founder of Support4Good. The impetus behind me building a website and service like this really goes back to awakening to economic justice and a longing to see equality in the world regardless of race, sexual preference, or economic class. I fought for the leveling of power in my high school to post-college years.

In those days, anti-war activists of my generation experienced a great defeat with our failure to influence local and national politicians to oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result, I slowly began to lose steam on what I believed I could do as an agitator. Painfully, I walked away from the pursuit of a better world to try to professionalize another passion of mine, that of making art.

Many years later, after working in many art galleries and museums, after exhibiting my work, after working in tv and film, and then fashion in the US and Japan, and even designing and building camper van conversions in Tokyo, Support4Good is a return to the convictions of my youth combined with a seasoned understanding of the pace at which society changes.

Years later, I acknowledge that a tipping point in society is much harder to reach than I originally anticipated. That’s why I’ve designed Support4Good to make it easy for people shopping online to contribute to nonprofits serving the environment, human rights, and peace and justice efforts. Support4Good also makes it easy for online shops and nonprofits to work together that may not otherwise do so.

Overcoming hard-wired resistances in human psychology is key, that’s why packaging positive impact into an activity like shopping online is an excellent medium to make a difference.

Why Build a Web App?

Between 20 and 30%. The amount we can hope to reduce air pollution in the next five years.

  • 1.2 Million Non Profits in the US alone
  • Revenue and Funding Continue to be Among NPO’s Biggest Challenges
  • Nonprofits want to spend time serving their communities, not having to struggle to raise funds
  • Businesses need customers who trust their brand
  • Average conversion rate of e-commerce sites is less than 3%!
  • Brands want to do the right thing and thrive, achieving customer loyalty and standing out from the crowd while achieving customer loyalty.

Blazing Paths for ESG Departments, from Global Brands to Small Shops

As a society, we have a collective impact on the world at large. And there is a distinct difference between national politics and global social and environmental issues. Part of the mission of Support4Good is to, as much as possible, steer clear of the small stuff and focus on going after the broadest impact possible for us at every stage of growth.

That’s why we do things like offering marketing services for do-gooders at below-market rates. This is a small part of what we do but something that will be important going into the future. That’s why we also work on sharing free resources, things like our favorite SaaS tools, and helpful information. It’s why we are working on our own e-commerce shop and even developing courses. Support4Good wants to mimic society in this way with many points of contact. Modeling out different models is our way of staying diversified and cultivating relevance to a diverse array of customers.

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