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Symbiotic Relationships Are All About Solving Mutual Needs Cooperatively and Naturally.

Symbiotic Relationships

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Relationships of mutual need have been the foundation of the marketplace since early civilization. We recognize that Nonprofit organizations and online shops both have something to offer one another that adds and enriches the other.

Cause marketing is the most familiar way brands and causes make this exchange. We want to make it easier by connecting not just one, but hundreds of brands and nonprofits and allowing shoppers to navigate freely through the network.

In this way, NPOs are like the bee hive, customers are like the bees who pollinate, and the marketplace of member brands is the flowers.

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Merchant Members That Match Your NPO

Merchant Categories

An Array of Merchant Categories

As Support4Good grows we continually add stores from a variety of different categories. We’re still building out our network. Careful curation of our business members helps ensure a meaningful experience for our “positive impact” members.

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  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Gifts & Variety
  • Travel
  • Wellness
  • and more to come

10% of each purchase goes to efforts like reducing poverty, saving the environment, taking care of children, working for human rights, and improving education.

Suggest Favorite Stores and Categories to Your Audience

Pre-selecting your favorite shopping categories is part of the account-creating process. From pre-selected categories, Support4Good creates your custom landing page with your preferences selected, ideal for tailoring your page for your unique audience.

Shoppers have the option to select your choices or to explore the entire market to find an experience that’s just right for them. The end user’s options will be endless.


Travel Purchases


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Displaced people in Myanmar


Food Purchases




Ocean Trash Clean Up


Yoga Classes


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Rural Education Programs

The Power of NPO Networks In Action

The power of the Support4Good network is the power of our Nonprofit partners. Gathering together communities of compassion, communities who already care about and support meaningful causes is a magnifying force for a shift in society.

All of our networks, combined together across media channels is how one small effort can reach out and make a difference around the world.

NPO Power

ONE Network to Unite Them All