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12 eBook Publishing Resources to Accelerate Your Progress

by S4G Staff | August 3rd, 2022

12 eBook Publishing Resources to Accelerate Your Progress

Every entrepreneur do-gooder has a personal brand, whether you know it or not.  There are few better ways to define your brand and build more profound knowledge of your mission simultaneously than to publish a book that will help educate the public on why your cause needs a new solution.

Find Mostly Free and a Few Paid Tools and Resources To Get Published Fast-er


Kindle Publishing with Amazon

There is a bevy of excellent products available out there to make writing and publishing easier. 


A thoughtful way to streamline your workflow is to stick to publishing tools available directly through Amazon. Check them out here.

Createspace is laying off employees, & some services are confirmed as discontinued, but you can still create an account and use the free Cover Creator and access consulting services. Learn more at the CreateSpace Help Page.





While Amazon Kindle tools offer all the nuts and bolts power you need to publish and optimize for their platform; when you need the best writing tool that integrates with Amazon and Kindle, this one is it. The favorite of the Pros.          
Buy Scrivener at Amazon!

Do you need an open-source ebook reader and catalog database that isn’t Kindle? That’s part of the power of Calibre, but there’s more to it than that. But it’s also an ebook creation software. Otherwise, why would it be here?

Lulu is a McCaffee-level internet veteran. Founded in 2002, the publishing platform has changed with the times and is right up there with the best of them almost 20 years after its founding. Epub files are ok!

Storyist is a decidedly Mac-centric ebook creation software with a similar price tag as Scrivener, the industry leader. The app is feature-rich, perhaps too feature-rich for some who use writing apps like these to escape distractions and have a dedicated place to write.

Atavist seems to be a big thumbs up, as it is at once simple to access for a first-time user and unfolds like a thousand-petaled lotus for seasoned e-publishers.

The primary feature of FlipSnack is to build attractive virtual magazines for online interactive viewing. Problems include price, limited documentation, and confusing UI. But if you specifically need a sexy virtual magazine, this could be your tool.

A Kindle software application has just been re-released to the market … and it’s game-changing!          
Without making you run a mile with the HYPE.          

I’ll just show you instead.          

You just need to see it in action for yourself.

Here’s something a little different: Fundraising for writers. Do you think you have a book proposal that can open investors' wallets? If you have the chops, Publishizer is the go-to platform for aspiring authors.

Looking for an alternative ebook publishing site? Are you tired of selling exclusively through Amazon? Check out Kobo by Rakuten and open for yourself new revenue streams by being on this popular platform.




Guerrilla Resources

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