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18 Royalty Free Music Libraries for Bootstrapping Altruists

by S4G Staff | August 3rd, 2022

18 Royalty Free Music Libraries for Bootstrapping Do-Gooders

Video is one of the best-performing mediums for social media sharing, and videos are usually not complete without accompanying sound. 


The downside of a shallow exploration of royalty-free music libraries is the same tracks that have been used over and over again by marketers.  With a deeper search and some creativity, and these resources, you can still come up with fresh sounds… for free.



BBC Sound Effects

Only accessible for personal, educational, or resource purposes, this library of 16000 sounds is a pleasant surprise. Load up to 100 sounds on a page and play as many simultaneously as you’d like (if you’re into experimental sound). Or by a license to use any of the sounds commercially.



Keep Scrolling for More Royalty Free Music Libraries…

Find a solid collection of almost 4000 original music tracks by real artists over at

Do you want some annoying tech music? I’m sorry, but I tolerate this stuff about as well as I do contemporary Christian music. Can someone do a parody album with this stuff? Please? p.s. I picked the best one I could find. BenSound

Of all the incredible sounds on this page, what’s missing are some solid sample packs, and Samplified has got them. For free. 


Once you check out, use that coupon code, then you can download a zip file containing a sample track along with all sorts of loops, percussion samples, and presets to help kit out your own sounds.

Flashkit is a music streaming veteran. Been around since 1999. That means the well is deep and not so user-friendly. 2 links here, the first is this clickable box that goes to loops, and the other is to sound effects.

The first indeed paid site on the list with a misleading name and one you can easily avoid by making use of the BBC and Adobe sites above. The main advantage of FreeSoundEffects is searchability.

Real artist contributions. Enjoy.

The music industry isn’t the only challenging game in town, but it is one of them. Icon8 is giving artists exposure in exchange for a link – RZRS from Fugue




labyrinth - you are here




Bring your audio recorder because this public domain music site features a collection of golden oldie YouTube videos. Have fun stormin’ the castle!

Lounge music, anyone??

Jamendo is an excellent source of professional bands playing professional music. Sign up and choose whether you need a commercial license. If not, you can use the music for free.

“Free Music Archive is known for free-to-download music licensed under creative commons. All songs on FMA are free to access and download. Do you need music for a project?”

Royalty-Free Music Loops & Samples       
“The royalty-free loops, samples, and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users and are free to use in your project.” Simple loops are great for building your sounds.

Moby, yes, moby has made 150 tracks or so available for nonprofits and independent filmmakers. I haven’t created an account yet. Try it. You may be eligible to tap in.

Need classical music? Can’t record it from YouTube yourself? Well, ok… You can find it here. But what you can’t find on Youtube is accompanying sheet music. 


Create an account and enjoy creating your conservatory of music.

“Free music from thousands of artists who would love to meet you.” NoiseTrade accepts donations (on behalf of their musicians?) here.

Not only do they have audio. Pond5 also offers archival footage and images as well as 3d models. “Download thousands of historic media files for your creative projects.

Completely free & made available by Pond5.”

“Get the right sounds at the right time for free.       
Browse all the free sample packs, including exclusive sounds from featured artists.” All you have to do is sign up.

“Expand Your Retro Music Horizons 4 FREE Home of The Free Music List Listen To Songs Curated By Music Lovers.” A great collection : )




YouTube Audio Library

Have you forgotten that YouTube has a music library as well? Click the box to visit the sound effects library, and click here to listen to the music.


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