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Altruist's Guide To The Best Cold Email Tools

by S4G Staff | August 3rd, 2022


2018 Dogooders Guide To The Best Cold Email Tools

Sending a direct email is a tall order when you’re trying to grow the reach & impact of your organization.  Aren’t able to have a volunteer or intern on staff for this task?  The next best option is a bulk email tool.  


Look for the 👍. These are my personal favorites.



Isn’t sending cold emails a lowdown dirty game?

There are certain situations in life when you just have everything you need.  For a brick-and-mortar business or nonprofit, it’s when you are operating in a community that likes you and needs your offering.  All you have to do in the morning is open the doors and enjoy as people come to you.


You don't have the same visibility if you run an online wing of your organization.  You usually want to reach beyond your local community, and you need to help people get to know you.  


Finding the best cold email tool for your business will give you a very cheap and fast way to get in front of other companies or nonprofits.  Search engines only work if you have great content and SEO.  Social media and organic marketing usually require a team to see real success.  Email is the front door of someone’s house, not the town square, and the door is almost always unlocked.  


With that in mind, use these tools wisely.  I recommend connecting with other businesses and nonprofits on Linkedin first… It’s like calling ahead before inviting yourself over.  Happy emailing ~ Andy  


2018 Dogooders Guide To The Best Cold Email Tools

Alexa Rank: 12.6k Created: 2001


Yesware, circa 2010

No one would probably argue that YesWare is not a powerhouse. It is. What makes it so unique?


Email Tracking

  • Going with YesWare is to go with a pioneer in ushering bulk sending into a wider audience. Email tracking, knowing which emails were opened, which weren’t, and when can be very powerful.
  • Schedule emails in advance. In some circles, you would call this an auto-responder. It’s a way to open conversations.
  • Add reminders to follow up on important emails. YesWare connects directly to your Gmail account.
  • Create email templates in Gmail and dynamically fill in personal info.
  • Schedule meetings and create email campaigns. What more could you want!?

The SalesForce Connection

  • Integrates beautifully with Salesforce CRM and provides a salesforce sidebar inside YesWare to make it much more manageable.
  • Automatically syncs all data to salesforce. Forget about manually updating.
  • Syncs to calendars.       
    This is common today, but YesWare has had this feature for a long time.

Want To Make a Positive Impact?

Check out our discounted services for do-gooders!       

Start Here 👍

Alexa Rank: 39.6k Created: 1998


Mixmax circa 2016

MixMax is just simply a tool you want to have in your toolbox. You can access loads of features for free!


Awesome Gmail Upgrade

This -» /.       
A forward slash in the body of a MixMax-enabled Gmail email is magical. There are so many features inside MixMax, features like:



  • /appointmentslink [meeting type name]Calendar Link
  • /availability Launch Share Availability
  • /badge Launch Social Badges
  • /button Launch Call to Action
  • /cal Launch Share Availability
  • /calendarlink [meeting type name]Calendar Link
  • /calltoaction Launch Call to Action
  • /code Launch Formatted Code
  • /code [search term]Insert Existing Formatted Code
  • /crowdcast Launch Crowdcast
  • /cta Launch Call to Action
  • /event Launch Calendar Invite
  • /filerequest Launch File Request
  • /g [search term]Insert a Giphy
  • /gif Launch Tenor
  • /gif [search term]Insert a Tenor GIF
  • /giphy Launch Giphy
  • /meeting [time]Insert Availability
  • /invite Launch Calendar Invite
  • /groupscheduling Launch Group Event Poll
  • /maps [search term]Insert a Map
  • /poll Launch Poll
  • /s [search term]Search the Web
  • /social Launch Social Badges…

Start for free. Upgrade to the Small Business plan for only $24 per month on the annual plan.

Alexa Rank: 94.6k Created: 2016


Gmass circa 2016




Gmass, like Mixmax, is primarily a Chrome extension tool that takes advantage of the power of Gmail and rides along its shoulders like,



and generally makes your email delicious.


What can it do?


Its claim to fame is in creating “mail merge campaigns with automatic follow-up emails, “but, surprise surprise, Gmass brings much more to the table.


From their Features Menu:



Get started for as little as $6.95/mo in the Chrome Store or at the Gmass website.


Alexa Rank: 98.9k Created: 2013



Looking for a stylish, powerful cold email sending tool with a great UX? Woodpecker has you covered.


I’ve personally used this tool to send several thousand emails. Both the features and lack of features it brings to the task of prospecting leads are what make it so great and satisfying to use.


Uploading email lists and scheduling emails is a breeze. You get visual analytics and performance scores, and you can categorize your email recipients by actions, in addition to the automatic categorizations Woodpecker provides.


This is not an exclusive feature, but something I have enjoyed is the ability to automatically stop sending emails in a sequence once an email recipient has replied to an email. That’s when it’s time for you to jump at the opportunity to build a relationship with direct emails outside of a tool like this.


Who is this for?



  • Software Houses
  • SaaS Businesses
  • Marketing & Lead Gen Agencies

The best feature of all is the site design. It’s just fun to work in, there’s lots of space, and the whole interface is simplified, perfect for small businesses and one-person operations.


Why not get a sense of through their copy – Get 15 cold email templates here!! 👍

Alexa Rank: 121k Created: 2009


FindThatLead circa 2019



Support4Good, I will detail several email discovery tools, some free and some paid. FindThatLead, as the name implies, is such a tool.


Rather than focusing on its email collection strengths, I want to focus on the email sending capabilities inside FindThatLead.


Imagine you’ve just gathered together 2000 highly relevant emails using FindThatLead. You’re ready to blast out a series of emails and start selling the product you know people are excited about.


Using an autoresponder like Mailchimp or Aweber you would quickly run into CAN-SPAM restrictions (find the law here) that could threaten to hurt the deliverability of your campaign.


But with Find That Lead, your Gmail account will do the work, and Gmail has the best deliverability. What’s better, you can find your leads and create email campaigns to deliver them all in the same interface!



Find out more about Find That Lead on their homepage.







Alexa Rank: 244k Created: 2017

Lemlist might not be the most established player in the cold email sending software arena, but it certainly is one of, if not THE funniest of them.

I love this platform for its no-nonsense setup path and willingness to remain fun in the business world.

Too many companies feel the pressure to present an authoritative facade. Lemlist has the confidence to create a fun brand with a solid product.


How does it work?


The process is simple:



  • Start by naming your campaign.
  • Add your campaign recipients .csv upload or from another list.
  • Write your messages (be sure to add personalization variables) and assign them to the campaign.
  • Schedule each email to create the perfect timing and email volume for your leads.
  • Add your signature, personalized videos, and gifs to level your emails above the competition.

The text email plan starts at just $19/month. Try Lemlist Today!

Alexa Rank: 257k Created: 2015


How does a free 14-day trial sound?

That’s the opening salvo over at Propeller CRM.


Here’s another Gmail-reliant sender for your consideration offering:



  • A now almost industry standard Gmail integration.
  • A unique interface for multi-step email campaigns.
  • Here’s where Propeller brings something special in their pipeline management software to help you close the deal.
  • A built-in task manager enables you to standardize tasks, ensuring standard practices and efficiency for the whole team.
  • With custom reporting dashboards, you choose what data you need to see!

What I just presented here is not negligible, and it is available for a measly $29 per user per month (billed annually. Don’t wait! check out PropellerCRM today!



Other Runner-Ups!

If you weren’t satisfied with any of the selections above, then you are hard to please!  Check out these other tools if you’re still searching for the right fit.

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