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Products That Support A Cause

by Andy | March 27th, 2023

Customers in today’s world are well aware of brands. They want to support those businesses and products that support a cause. In other words, they vote with their wallets to purchase social impact casting products.


Two-thirds of Americans think that companies have a greater responsibility than ever to address social issues. As actions speak louder than words, that’s why they support brands that back their words with actions for good causes. Nearly 80% of consumers are likely to remember a company that has products that support a cause. 


In this article, we will have a list of companies and products that give back and also discuss how you can support your favorite cause.

Innovative Companies Working For A Cause


As social issues are on the rise, ranging from environmental issues to women’s rights, racism, and the COVID impact on poor communities, consumers want big companies to take the responsibility for social reforms. Consumers are ready to do their part by backing up brands and products that support a good cause.


Here are some of the big names that are on a social rehabilitation mission.

  1. Toms: For every pair of their shoes purchased, they donate one pair to charity. Toms now gives one-third of its profits to grassroots organizations supporting good causes such as mental health and ending gun violence. Toms has positively affected 100 million lives.
  2. Figs: They create high-quality scrubs that are resistant to everything healthcare workers face in their long shifts. Also, for every item sold, the company donates a pair of scrubs to healthcare workers in countries with limited resources. Figs have donated hundreds of thousands of scrubs along with other medical equipment to tens of countries around the globe.
  3. Two Blind Brothers: Two visually impaired brothers created this clothing company and 100% of the company profit goes to fund research to cure retinal eye disease. Customers can purchase products by browsing or have the interesting option of “shopping blind” to purchase mystery boxes without seeing the products.
  4. BLQK Coffee: Former NFL player Justin Watson represented a connection between coffee as a drink and a community through his company, BLQK Coffee. They pour 25% of their profit back into black communities and donate it to organizations that are working on education, bridging opportunity gaps, and introducing food equality.
  5. STATE: Initially, for every bag sold, they donated a bag filled with school supplies to a needy kid. It resulted in public motivation that created tens of thousands of bags to help kids. Recently, the STATE discontinued its one-for-one model and focused on more important causes like racial injustice and mass incarceration.
  6. The Right to Shower: Homeless people face the struggle to find a shower or other place to get clean. The Right to Shower sells natural soaps and body washes with the vision that cleanliness is a basic human right. That’s why they donate 30% of their profits to build mobile showers in cities around the world to help homeless people.
  7. Warby Parker: Many people in this world need glasses but can’t afford to buy them. Warby Parker sells products that support a cause; for every pair of glasses sold, they donate a pair to someone in need. They also motivate people to perform basic eye exams and sell glasses at very affordable rates. Up until now, they have donated more than 8 million pairs of glasses to 50 countries.
  8. cuddle+kind: The founders of this company are a couple who want to create joy for kids by helping eliminate hunger. The company provides income and jobs to local women by selling stuffed dolls and other toys made in Peru for children of all age groups. Not only do they sell products that support a cause, but they also do charity; for every doll sold, they donate 10 meals to children in need and provide 1 million meals every year.
  9. Birdy Grey: Yet another company with products that support unusually. They sell beautiful bridesmaid dresses while realizing that this purchase won't be easy for every bride. That's why the company makes customers donate back their dresses after the wedding and they provide these for free to high school students who could not afford to buy them otherwise.
  10. 5028: The husband and wife own this company which has products that support a cause as they use upcycled and responsibly sourced materials to create every pair of 5028 artisan shoes. For every pair of shoes sold, they donate $5 to mental health support groups.

How to Support Your Favorite Cause


Besides buying products from companies that are playing their part in social reforms, there are some other ways you can support your favorite cause.

  •  Sign a petition: Living in a digital age,  supporting a cause is not difficult anymore. You can either launch an online petition close to your heart or sign a petition on social media to show your support.

  • Social media sharing: After signing a petition and donating to products that support a cause, share it on social media to drive awareness about it.

  • Launch a fundraiser: If you find it difficult to arrange a fundraising event, do it online and tell your friends and family about your favorite cause or brand doing charity to support them. Share all about why you have chosen the fundraising cause, your goal, and your deadline.

  • Volunteer your time and skills: Many charity organizations run entirely on the generosity of volunteers who donate their time. It's another way to make a direct contribution to your favorite charity. This also gives you a natural sense of accomplishment. The more you give, the happier you are, so donate generously, not only your money but also your skills and time.


Final Thoughts


Companies that give back to the community in the form of products that support a cause know that the secret to living is giving. Has your company started making a positive impact by giving? Are you doing your part to support businesses whose products support a cause? If not yet, start it today. There are many ways to support your favorite cause; just prepare yourself, and the ways will present themselves.