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10 Ways to Donate for a Good Cause

by S4G Staff | February 14th, 2023

Support for a Good Cause | Products That Support a Cause

Several stores donate to charities around you and get online donations for self-sustainability. However, owing to the millions of non-profit organizations, donors often get stuck while supporting a good cause


Hence, non-profits need to understand what motivates people to do charity. In most cases, the largest non-profits are well-funded, while smaller organizations doing charity are overshadowed and underfunded. In this article, we are going to discuss some motives behind people's donations. 


What makes people donate?


As several stores support a good cause, they need donations. To have more donations, they need to motivate potential donors. They can do this in the following ways:


Inspiring stories


Moving stories about individuals who faced challenges and overcame them could inspire people. Learn to create great stories to inspire potential donors.


Stimulate emotions


people decide to donate with their hearts, not their brains. Therefore, it’s important to trigger them on an emotional level. You can do this by describing your mission and the nonprofit’s purpose.


Website setting for donations

This is a simple thing that nonprofits should never ignore. Adjust your website’s link to your organization’s PayPal account. It will enable donors to make their payments directly through PayPal. 


Ensuring security

Due to excessive hacks and data breaches, donors are hesitant to donate. To encourage your donors, use verification badges and advertise the security features of your checkout platform. Give them the confidence to make their transactions worry-free.


Why should I donate?


Have you ever donated to support a good cause, or gone shopping for a good cause? There are many nonprofits you can support with your donations. Not only can these donations support a good cause, but you can also benefit from them in the following ways.


  • People who donate feel better and happier, especially around the time of charity. A chain reaction of positivity could be the result.
  • People give to belong to social affinity groups.
  •  A tax deduction is another reason for individuals and companies to give donations.


If you want to support a good cause, there are many genuine nonprofits you can give your donations to.


Give Back Box

A collection of nonprofits come under this umbrella and accepts physical donations in good form. You can send your old clothes and household items in good condition to help families who can make use of them. Your shipping has a tax deduction. As a helpful middleman, without leaving the comfort of your home, you can take part in a good cause or charity.

Gallery Drinkware

This nonprofit is doing charity and several other things under one roof. First, they created their line of glassware as an alternative to plastic water bottles. Secondly, their artists work behind the scenes at Gallary Drinkware to create beautiful and inspiring glassware. Thirdly, their products support a cause by giving 3% of their donations to different foundations.


The Giving Keys

This is a social enterprise rather than a nonprofit because instead of raising donations, they sell products to provide jobs. They believe that giving jobs is a better long-term solution to poverty than giving donations that work in the short term. Their product is old keys with messages stamped into their faces that have been transformed into pendants. Every purchase will put money earned by a homeless person into their pocket.


Giving Brush

This nonprofit works on the concept of getting rid of the plastic problem by targeting toothbrushes. Giving Brush put forward the idea of replacing plastic in toothbrushes with bamboo or kudzu, which owing to their rigidity and straight growth, are ideal for making brushes. Also, bamboo straws are provided by this nonprofit free of cost. 


Kind Design

Through their Colorado River Shorts and shirts for $2, Kind Design is fighting for environmental protection across 7 western states. We should contribute by shopping for a cause. 

We Are Kindred

Another nonprofit whose products support a cause through a very personal approach. 40% of their profits from product sales and 100% of donations go to families or targeted groups they have identified for special support.


With A Purpose

Through their blanket for a blanket program, they are doing good through charity. With dozens of nonprofit partners across the United States, they donate a blanket for every blanket sold.


Leggings for a Purpose

They support a good cause, and for every pair of leggings sold, they donate a portion of their earnings to charitable organizations.

Their jewelry products support a cause to work against human trafficking. It is the retail wing of iSanctuary that focuses on four components of victims of human trafficking: work, income, education, and healthcare.


Humanity Unified

An online store that donates to charity.  Their main focus is to help families in Rwanda that were left scarred after the Rwandan genocide. Either you can shop for the products or give donations on the website. 100% of their profit supports the Rwandan project. 


If you are one of those small nonprofit organizations that are in search of more potential donors, you need to earn their trust first. You can do this by: 


  • Attaching your nonprofit to a well-known brand.
  •  Presenting your financial information on your website as proof.
  • Provide social proof by showing the logos of the companies you worked with.
  • Draw people's attention by using high-impact images.
  • Keep the donation page simple to streamline donors' focus.
  • Follow up again and again through emails and thank-you pages. 


If you want to support a good cause, try to do so by purchasing items or making donations from a small nonprofit organization rather than a well-established one. Because bigger nonprofits are well-funded already, your donations won’t make a big difference there, but they do at smaller nonprofits that depend solely on your donations. Give your share of support to the underprivileged by shopping for a cause or supporting a good cause or charity through smaller nonprofit organizations.