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We Helped Vision Energy Make Fiji A Model of Sustainability​

by S4G Staff | August 11th, 2022

Vision Energy Solutions is a comprehensive renewable energy services provider based in Suva, Fiji.

A Model of Sustainability: The Collaborative Process

I wanted to share with you the story of one of our recent clients, who they are, what they’re up to, how we found a way to help, and in the end what we managed to accomplish together.

For potential clients, I hope you get to know me better. For people learning how to start a heart-centered, do-gooder business, I hope the article gives you a few ideas. It is through all of our commitment to values that we accomplish each win together.

Let's Go!

It Started With Solar: A Grape-Vine Connection to Fiji

As one of the Small Island Developing States, Fiji is in a unique position at this time. In order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals at an early stage of its infrastructure development and to shift its strategy overall toward embracing sustainability, renewable technologies, circular economy, and equitable economic distribution models, Fiji has begun to look for strategic partners to help them move forward on the right path of sustainable growth in order to embrace the model of sustainability laid out by SDGs.

So it was a moment of great pleasure when Support4Good realized we had the opportunity to work with one of the trailblazing companies helping Fiji to pivot toward comprehensive sustainability solutions. The company, Vision Energy Solutions, is setting itself up to be a sustainability one-stop shop that will equip Fiji with an array of renewable energy products and services. The company’s mission fits hand in glove with Fiji’s renewable energy vision. 

When I say Vision Energy Solutions offers a wide range of services, I’m talking about everything from commercial and industrial energy to residential solar power, to EV, and right on down to products geared specifically towards improving agricultural and construction practices. The hope is that Vision Energy can be Fiji’s comprehensive partner in the re-development of its energy grid.

A Model of Sustainability Starts Lean

On paper, it looks like Vision Energy Solutions has some clout and market weight to throw around, and in some ways that are definitely true; as a subsidiary of Vision Investments Fiji, Vision Energy can bring resources to bear.

Though they are a subsidiary, they are also a new venture, and while backed by the parent company, the best way is often to move ahead entrepreneurially and independently, to forget about the power and influence of the parent company, and strike out to make it all on their own. Srinath Dolage heads up the project and as Vision Energy’s Director, he was looking to get a professional website up and to get it up fast. He wanted a site with awesome copy and designed it with the ability to scale to the enterprise level when it’s time to scale up. Oh, and one more thing, he needed a temporary website like yesterday. Andy Cline (that’s me) at Support4Good partnered with Actually Done’s Maitri Meyer to roll out a website with convincing copy that satisfied and exceeded Vision Energy’s expectations.

A Word on the Power of Strategic Partnerships

I chose to write about this particular project because I wanted to give a nod to the power of strategic partnerships. Small digital service providers, website builders, copywriters, and so on are often capable of doing most of what is required in the process of launching a website; from web development to web design to writing and graphic design, and on down the line.

Yes, a knowledgable marketing maestro can do it, but I for one don’t always have the bandwidth, especially in terms of time to truly be a One-Stop shop. 

By reaching out to other professionals (and this is a tip for those of you who are just starting out) and building relationships based on trust, a small consultancy or agency can multiply its impact and service offering by building valuable strategic partnerships. The result is a virtuous cycle of mutual business building, value creation, and profit-sharing.

Outcomes in Sustainability Produce Sustainable Business Models

We launched a custom-built coming-soon page within two days, and within two weeks of the 50% deposit being received, all parties were finished with work and were enjoying the culmination of another successful project.

I have focused Support4Good on companies that are contributing to the well-being of society and the planet. Thanks to that decision, I am able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from doing work I can feel great about. This satisfaction is another reward that comes in addition to the profits and the natural satisfaction of completing a successful job.

I can’t highlight more the value of knowing that I’ve built a website that will lead to the proliferation of renewable energy in a country like Fiji, a country that has the opportunity to become a model of renewable energy for many other countries in the developing world and beyond.

The Past and the Future of Ethical Business

Before I decided to commit to the Support4Good brand, I was focused on generating leads for renewable energy and specifically residential solar installation companies from my other website, SolarBoom Agency. I still do that and I love working with renewable energy companies! 

That’s why I am moving my solar-focused website, SolarBoom Agency, inside of Support4Good with the intention of taking Support4Good even further toward the idea of a “Big Tent” provider that services a diverse array of progressive business and nonprofit categories. 

Every partner is a part of that story. Vision Energy Solutions helped us to make our tent even bigger. They perfectly fit into the kind of company we are looking to add to our portfolio, organizations that are dedicated to improving people’s lives, people's health, and people’s environments.

Vision Energy Solutions is the power generation division of Vision Investments Limited of Fiji. With Srinath Dolage at the helm of the project, the timing couldn’t be better for Vision Energy’s entry at a time when Fiji is looking for help in achieving its remarkable goal to achieve 99% renewable energy production by 2030. If they are successful in their objective, they will position themselves as a leader amongst the small Islands in achieving SDGs. Vision Energy Solutions is a key partner in the realization of that vision and Support4Good is proud to have been a part of it.

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