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Endangered Animals in 2021

by S4G Staff | August 11th, 2022

Endangered Animals in 2021



The impact of human society on the animal kingdom is difficult to encapsulate in a piece of content, but every bit helps. So here are just a few of the endangered animals in 2021.

Leaning heavily on an article posted in the endangered species directory posted by World Wildlife Fund, this post brings adds to the voices calling attention to endangered species all around the world.


1. Sloth

endangered sloth

Always smiling, always moving, slowly… sloths are incredible creatures from Central and South America that have been under the increasing threat of extinction.

In particular, the Pigmy Sloth from the tiny island of Escudo de Veraguas is under particular threat.

Habitat destruction is probably the biggest cause, followed closely by poaching.

The most offensive of all, however, is the number of sloths that die as a result of being captured for the purpose of taking selfies.

map point south of puerto viejo de talamanca



This callous and careless disregard for animal life is the hardest to stomach. Us humans… we can do better than this.


2. Narwhal

endangered narwhal

It really does seem like this world is being irreparably harmed when a creature as magical, and that lives in such a remote and formerly protected part of the world is now at risk of becoming extinct.

The reason for the threat to Narwhals is primarily climate change. They need the cover of ice to maintain an important part of their habitat, and that is rapidly disappearing. The only real unicorns this world knows will probably disappear forever, thanks to the lack of government and corporate leadership around climate change.



3. Orangutan

It’s a travesty to see the loving, majestic orangutan on this list. I always thought these intelligent primates reflected some of human’s best features, particularly with regard to child rearing as they parent their children into their late teens.

Another victim of habitat destruction, orangutans need the tropical rainforests to live in, to find food and shelter.

Borneo and Sumatra have been raped for their resources for many decades now. The remoteness of the islands served as a protection for many years, but profiteers have transformed the culture of these once pristine islands into industrious ones that, in exchange for accessing the global economy have made the devil’s bargain to sell what is most dear.


4. Saola


Pseudoryx_nghetinhensis or Saola

This South Asian hoofed creature has been very rare for a long time. Even though it abides in an area whose animals usually are recorded in Chinese history, the Saola doesn’t show up in these records.

The main reason Saola are threatened is poaching. They get caught up in an equivalent to drag net fishing, poaching wire. This wire tangles up many animals that cross its path, inadvertently killing any unfortunates that pass.

Efforts to remove the wire are underway, but with thousands of miles of it in the wild in Laos and Vietnam, the scope of the project is immense.


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